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Jul 17, 2023: CACC sends an Email update and issues their Final Report

The final CACC meeting on Jun 9 ended without a single site being chosen. They decided instead to submit a copy of a survey they did prior to the meeting that included responses from all CACC members. This will be submitted as their final report.

SB 5370 (2019) which established the CACC expires on Jul 1, 2023 and brings an end to that group.


ESHB 1791 (2023) establishes a new workgroup tasked with "Studying the need for increased commercial aviation services."


The members of the Stop The Airport group would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our fellow residents, local/state representatives, and local business owners for all their efforts to raise awareness and work to create a more holistic process in planning for our future transportation and cargo needs, while protecting our rural areas and natural resources. Thank you!

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