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We are Stop the Airport, a Citizen Advocacy Group.


We are concerned residents of Thurston County who stand with:

  • Thousands of our friends and neighbors whose homes in central Thurston County will be seized and destroyed.

  • Hundreds of business owners who will lose their livelihoods.

  • The Nisqually Tribe and Indigenous peoples who live here, who came before us, and whose lands and programs are threatened by this plan.

  • Environmental organizations and advocates who have worked for decades to preserve species and areas in this region that still are under threat of extinction.


We say NO to:

  • Airport noise and traffic.

  • Polluted air and water caused by commercial development.

  • The sprawl of an airport and its auxiliary operations and warehouses.

  • Destruction of Thurston County’s many natural gifts – streams, lakes, threatened animals, wooded lands – that can never be replaced.


Our group supports a number of crucial information platforms about the proposed airport, its consequences, and what residents can do to get involved:


Dawn Sonntag is the chief organizer of Stop the Thurston Airport. She started the movement after concerned residents posted online about the airport proposal. Dawn and her family live in central Thurston County, in the middle of the proposed airport site.

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