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Call to Action for All Stop The Airport Members


Bill 1791 (which creates a new group to replace the CACC) passed 88-9 in the House and passed by the Senate Transportation Committee.  ESHB-1791 is now with the Senate Rules Committee. Since that is not law (yet), the Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (CACC) is still working toward their goal of recommending 1 preferred site for a new commercial airport to the legislature by Jun 15 2023:


What You Can Do

  1. Read the "Engrossed Substitute" bill and other supporting docs here, then sign up for notification by clicking Get Email Notifications

  2. Contact your representatives to express your support for this bill and request the removal of the sites in Thurston and Pierce counties (since it ends the CACC we should be relieved from consideration in writing in observance that the CACC exceeded their legal authority by selecting sites that would interfere with military operations)

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