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Skilled volunteers are needed. Please consider volunteering to lead or support a topic below.
Please email your name, experience, and interest to

Community Visibility Coordinator

Plans and coordinates sign-waving events, flyer distribution, door-to-door advocacy and signature-gathering events. Works closely with the volunteer coordinator and outreach and publications coordinator.

& Fundraising

Networks with community members and businesses to identify potential donors. Works closely with board members to determine specific financial needs and targets. Works closely with the Treasurer to ensure transparent and ethical handling of any funds raised.


Help us manage a public FB group by correcting misinformation, monitoring comments and posting frequent updates


Help dig into rules and regulations that would be violated by a new airport. Compile reports to help us make our case, such as soil types, endangered plants and animals, incompatible land features, etc. Help us organize our list of impacts and find and document new ones. Research or data scientist background is helpful. Liaisons. Talk with and learn from people who have led similar campaigns in others areas. Customer service background and great people skills needed.


Got a journalism background or make your living writing compelling content? Interview people and businesses that would be displaced or impacted by a new airport. Help us put a human face on the heartache


Content creators and savvy social media users who can spread the word about the airport on social media sites in an accurate, informative and engaging way. Previous paid social media experience helpful.


Collect, track, maintain and disburse funds for the purchase of supplies. Previous financial experience required. CPA or similar background helpful, as is past experience creating or maintaining an online fundraisers such as GoFundMe.


Knock on doors, distribute posters, signs and flyers to help educate your friends and neighbors.

More soon!

There truly will be tasks that anyone interested can do.

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