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Call to Action for All Stop The Airport Members


Board members from Stop The Airport met with Rep. Jake Fey (D-Tacoma) on Feb 11 to discuss HB 1791 (2023). This bill replaces the Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (CACC) with a new Commercial Aviation Work Group. The concerns expressed by our community were presented and several have been addressed in amendments to this new bill which passed out of committee (24-4) on Feb 23. It requires the Work Group to produce a list of areas that will be barred from analysis (because they conflict with military operations) in the first of their annual reports to the state on Jan 1.


Stop The Airport’s position


With the improvements in this bill over SSB 5370 (2019)  - ending the CACC and its requirement to recommend 1 greenfield site, adding more citizen and environmental voices to the voting membership, stronger language related to military and environment, etc. - we are cautiously optimistic, but will stay engaged until our sites are removed from consideration.


What You Can Do


  1. Watch the recordings of the public hearing and executive session, read the Substitute Bill, House Bill Report and House Bill Analysis

  2. Write to your local representatives and the transportation committees listed here, or click "Comment on this bill" here to send your comments to the reps in your district (use our Sample Letter if needed)

  3. Watch our calendar for an online community meeting to be held soon

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